As a business law firm, we have designed our legal practice groups around the needs of businesses and business men and women. We have embraced the philosophy of Teaming with Today’s Business to describe not only what we do, but to continually challenge us to work with our clients to achieve positive business results. To assist our clients, our lawyers rely on their extensive experience advising companies about legal issues ranging from day-to-day transactions to major corporate decisions to dispute resolution.

Real Estate Law: The Pitfalls of Entering into Commercial Leases Without Counsel, by Attorney John Hawthorne

Beware of Social Media’s Bite: Recent Legal Effects of Online Reviews

By its nature, business law is always playing catch-up to business reality. Few areas of law reflect the gap between every day events and court opinions as the area of social media. Social media gives everyone the power of the …

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Choosing the Proper Transaction Structure: Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase or Merger? (Part Two)

When it comes time to sell your business, what form should the sale transaction take – asset purchase, stock purchase or merger? Each form has its positives and negatives for the buyer and seller. In this three part series, we …

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Over-broad Geographic Limits in Recent Fairfax Case Makes Noncompete Unenforceable – Highlights Importance of Narrowly Tailoring Geographic Limitations in Agreements

Wings LLC, a company that specializes in vehicle interior repair, had its motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction denied on March 6th, 2014. Wings was attempting to enforce noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements signed by two of …

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Small Business Legislative & Regulatory Update

Proposed Changes to the FAR Regarding 8(a) Program Contracts

DoD, GSA and NASA have proposed amending the FAR to provide guidance on an 8(a)’s ability to continue to accept orders after its departure from the program and provisions related to …

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