As a business law firm, we have designed our legal practice groups around the needs of businesses and business men and women. We have embraced the philosophy of Teaming with Today’s Business to describe not only what we do, but to continually challenge us to work with our clients to achieve positive business results. To assist our clients, our lawyers rely on their extensive experience advising companies about legal issues ranging from day-to-day transactions to major corporate decisions to dispute resolution.

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Real Estate Law: The Pitfalls of Entering into Commercial Leases Without Counsel, by Attorney John Hawthorne

Devon Hewitt Legal Interview with Federal News Radio – Small Business Legislative Update

On Thursday, October 2, Devon Hewitt was interviewed over the phone by Federal News Radio regarding a series of legal and regulatory changes that have affected small business federal contracting doing business with the government, and gave Tom Temin an …

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Unfair Business Practices – Lying to Induce Franchise Agreement Can Result in Broad Protection for the Deceived

A recent case (Bans Pasta LLC v. Mirko Franchising LLC) began when franchisees claimed they were misled and induced into buying a franchise after being shown inaccurate financial documents which the franchisors claimed was a depiction of what they …

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S Corporations and How to Provide Non-voting Stock

Many of my clients are interested in forming S corporations instead of C corporations so they can save money on taxes. S corps are great, but the Internal Revenue Code imposes many requirements on S corps, some of which may …

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Employment Blog – Judge Rules FBI Physical Fitness Test Constitutes Illegal Gender Discrimination

Federal District Court Judge Rules that FBI Physical Fitness Test with differing standards for Men and Women Constitutes Illegal Gender Discrimination Under Title VII

Virginia Federal District Court Judge T.S. Ellis granted a disappointed FBI candidate summary judgment in his …

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Small Business Legislative & Regulatory Update

Proposed Changes to the FAR Regarding 8(a) Program Contracts

DoD, GSA and NASA have proposed amending the FAR to provide guidance on an 8(a)’s ability to continue to accept orders after its departure from the program and provisions related to …

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Reference to a Plat Does Not an Easement Create

When a Deed of Conveyance or a Deed of Subdivision references an easement on an attached plat, this does not necessarily mean that an easement over a parcel of real property has been created.  This is what the Supreme Court …

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